Jet and Helicopter Charter


Traveling by private plane offers many advantages, from greater flexibility and comfort on board, to avoid billing queues and security controls.

Unlike commercial flights, private planes do not have restrictions on schedules or destinations, so you can travel at your convenience.

It can be anywhere, from an office in the center of the city to a remote vacation home.

Private planes can operate from a greater number of airports than commercial flights, so we will find the most suitable route.

There are more than 150 types of private planes available in the world and we offer you a selection of the best options.

The list goes from helicopters and economic piston planes, to business airplanes with all the benefits and luxuries that are desired.

Private jet charter


When it comes to traveling with your pet, renting a private plane is the most comfortable and least stressful way for both the animal and its owner.

Unlike with commercial airlines, where they put animals in boxes that go into the warehouse, we work with experienced private operators that allow animals to travel in the cabin with their owner.

Flying in a private plane also means spending less time at airports and private terminals are much less stressful for the animal and its owner.

Once on board the animals can take their own food and we can even provide toys to entertain during the flight.

Each country has its own regulations regarding pets, so we have agencies around the world to make the process as simple and transparent. Your personal account manager will be at your disposal at all times to guide you through the process.


Helicopters are adaptable to a wide variety of individual requirements, from tourist flights to photographic work or medical evacuations.

Their speed and ability to land on heliports, hotels or even private properties allow them to make excellent connections and thus shorten travel times.

On board, the cabins have capacities for between 4 and 19 passengers, and vary between practical seats for short flights and comfortable spaces to work or relax.


Once you have received the list of aircraft, your account manager will be at your disposal should you need to define your options in more detail. When you have chosen the plane, we will confirm your availability and send you a reservation form so that you can sign it, by hand or with digital signature.