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We organize activities and events at sea, individual or for groups.

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We make private trips to yachts of clients, where we prepare the assembly with all our luxury toys and where our highly qualified monitors carry out a professional follow-up of the activities

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yacht water toys ibiza  Flyboard Ibiza

Flyboard is one of the most popular water toys in the world. 90% of the people who try it are controlling and enjoying their flight from the first moment.

yacht water toys ibiza Seabob Ibiza

The most powerful aquatic propeller in the world. A kind of mini-submarine that can go above or below the water. No type of experience is necessary for its use. Every person, regardless of their age, controls it perfectly from the first moment and with total guaranteed security.

yacht water toys ibiza Jet Ski Ibiza

Jet skis are one of the water sports with more adrenaline. Every season we update all the water bikes to always offer the latest generation models available in the market. Our bikes are always the latest models of the SEA-DOO brand.

yacht water toys ibiza Paddle Surf  Ibiza

The pleasant sensation of gliding over the small waves of the coast. We have several Paddlesurf boards available to enjoy a beautiful excursion through the cove of crystalline waters in which we carry out the activities.

yacht water toys ibiza Shiller Bike Ibiza

Schiller bikes are high-end bicycles made of carbon fiber. Its base is composed of two catamaran skates that achieve perfect buoyancy with very little water resistance. By pedaling the bike is propelled with a propeller similar to that of a boat achieving speeds of up to 10 km / h. They incorporate a platform in the front in which a passenger can be carried.

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